I guess I’m not very good at this yet…

It’s been almost a year since I decided to become an avid blogger. Look how successful I was!

Most probable reasons why I didn’t blog like I wanted to: (listed in chronological order from when I started this blog)

  • I was in the middle of making a life-changing decision of where to go to graduate school (I chose Villanova University in Philadelphia!).
  • I was busy graduating college and enjoying my last semester at Kent State!
  • I spent the entire summer preparing to move to Philadelphia for grad school.
  • I moved to Philadelphia and started grad school at Villanova! (Woah, bet you didn’t see that one coming!)
  • Grad school consumed my life.
  • I spent all of winter break trying to recover from my first semester of grad school.

Now here I am, a few days away from starting my second semester of graduate school, attempting to blog again. Not going to make any promises like last time, that’s for sure! I’ll have to find some way to commit to this. Maybe I’ll make a list of topics so that when I feel like writing I’ll have some ideas already… or maybe I can use songs or photographs to inspire entries… Already getting excited about what I could do with this blog!

I don’t think I had any real idea of what I wanted to do the first time I thought I’d give this a shot. I’m going to put more thought into this and hope that something awesome comes out of it (or at least something!)


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