“I’m beginning to like this…” ❤

Driving in my car today, I realized that it is a beautiful day. I was overcome with the feeling of being extremely happy to be alive. I was completely present in the moment of driving, soaking in the sunshine, and listening to Matt Nathanson…

I may not know why I’m here or what happens to me after this life, but I don’t need to. I want to make the most of every moment that I have, because that’s all I have. That’s enough for me.

“Spent all of my life waiting for answers
to lift me, to numb me, to define it all…”

No longer waiting for any answers… Life is all I need. Now is all I need.

“Time slips to nothing and I’m better than I’ve ever been.” ❤

Perfect timing, Matt Nathanson.
“Suspended” –


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